90 Days


Reclaim and Resurrect Your Body

A High-Level one-on-one coaching package

Women’s and Clergy Coaching from a Feminist Perspective for Women Who Are Survivors of Sexual Disempowerment



Let’s reclaim your embodied life.

3 Month High Level Coaching Package


I’m more than just a women’s/clergy coach –

I help women reclaim and resurrect who God intended them to be. I provide a theologically (feminist) approach to understanding how to reclaim your space, body, call, and voice. Together we can begin to transform you into the clergy person who want to be. This three-month intensive is a coaching package designed to help you feel-empowered and take back your body after trauma or harassment in your entire life.


At the end of our coaching package, you will:

-Be clear on how your created incarnate body is yours and how to maintain healthy and comfortable boundaries.

-Understand how your sexual disempowerment is keeping you captive (and how to approach ministry and life to feel free and healed)

-Rewrite the inner monologue in your head that is doubting or shaming yourself

-Say goodbye to body shame and the fear that you can’t lead a church

-Discover tools to turn story into an asset and part of your personal and romantic relationships

-We will create routines and schedules for spiritual enrichment, self-care, body-awareness, and balance in your call, work life, and personal relationships

My Approach

First, I listen.

Share with me your hopes, dreams,

goals, concerns, and priorities.

Second, we create.

Together we will lay out a blueprint for

you to get from where you are to where

you want to be.


I’m Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass

A graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso and Duke Divinity School.

A mom.

A wife.

An ordained minister.

A feminist.

A theologian.

A lover of all things geek.

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